Lost Finale

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Okay here we go.

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::hands hover over the keyboard::




(20 minutes later)


(Thoughts after the jump. Please excuse any copy editing misses. It's late. My brain is fried. And I wanted to push "Publish" on at least one of the twenty drafts sitting on this blog.)

I've been trying to write and rewrite this post for awhile now. Most of the problem lies in the fact that there's not much to write about. We didn't get any answers about the origin of the Island, what it is, why the Dharma Initiative, Eloise Hawking what?, Charles Widmore why?, Desmond's immune huh?, etc.

Instead, we got a philosophical dissection of... something.

I liked the first 2 hrs and 15 minutes, mostly because I still held out hope for some kind of amazing, transcendent moment at the end.

Y'know, watching this episode the exact same way I've been watching Lost for six seasons.

This is what I *think* the finale was trying to tell me:

1) Everything that happened on the island Actually Happened.

  • That means Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island carrying our main cast.
  • Desmond was already there, pushing a button for a few (2?) years. He didn't press the button, which brought their plane down.
  • The Others/Dharma Initiative were there before Desmond and before the crash building crazy science stuff since the 70s.
  • Prior that, Jacob and the Man In Black and Richard Alpert have been on the island for hundreds of years, bickering and trying to kill each other.
  • The survivors (Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Hurley, etc) did actually go back in time when the Island was jumping through time.
  • Which means Juliet did actually blow up the spot where the hatch was supposed to be, which means there was no button for Desmond to miss pushing to bring the plane down. Except, for some reason that original timeline kept going. There was no white-light-what-have-you that erased everything and shifted to this new alternate universe. 
2) Everyone who died on the Island really died.
3) Frank Lapidus, Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles and Richard did in fact get the plane up in the air, do leave the island and, as of the last moments of the episode proper, are alive.
  • Whether or not their hack job of soldering a plate onto the plane IN POURING RAIN will hold is unknown.
  • Whether or not the plane has enough fuel to fly back to land is unknown.
  • Whether or not the Island's weird electromagnetism will eff up the Ajira plane's instruments and send Frank flying incircles is unknown.
  • Whether or not Smoke Monster faked his death by leaving a fake dead Locke body where it fell and then turned into smoke without Jack and Kate noticing and streaked over to the Ajira plane and hitched a ride on the landing gear before any of the plane people noticed and therefore also made it off the island and has just doomed The Entire Earth is unknown.
4) Jack puts the stopper back in the Island but dies because he is not immune to electromagnetism like Desmond, Hurley is now Benevolent Keeper of the Isle, Ben is content with being his Number 2, Desmond is completely and utterly effed and stuck on the Island.
  • Don't get me started on all of the unknowns here.

5) Everyone dies sometime, but these people who were so strongly tied to each other created a "paradise" where they could all meet in order to be together.
  • However, this paradise still involved experiencing (I won't say "living") lifetimes/years of similar mistakes before they all reached a place where they could regain their memories and Finally Be Happy Together.
  • Not everyone gets to regain their memories and "Move On." See: Ana Lucia, Michael, Rousseau, etc.
  • But randoms Boone and Shannon get to come along for the ride because they couldn't justify Sayid getting with his One True Love, Nadia/[Noor].
  • Apparently Ben is choosing not to move on because he has other stuff to still work out. Perhaps becoming a family with Rousseau/Alex? So why wouldn't the other couples want to stay and live Happily Ever After together in Not-Purgatory instead of moving on? I mean, they JUST found each other AGAIN.
  • 75% 90%  100% of all characters on the show have died.

  • Annnd the questions could just keep rolling.

  • The heart of why I bought the first 2.25 hours of the finale was because they got me emotionally early on with Sun and Jin. After the last three episodes before the finale, people bitched and bitched online about how their long-awaited reunion was never given the time and attention it should have. Sun and Jin deserve their beautiful reunion, dammit!

    So when they got their extended flashback sequence and we all collectively relived their greatest and worst moments, I felt the weight of their six seasons of transformation. And of course, when Sun started crying, I started tearing up. (Other people's tears are my Pavlovian bell. It's awful.)

    Then more stuff happened. Then Charlie/Claire got their reunion. Kate/Jack got their on-Island kiss. Sawyer and Juliet had their amazing reunion at around 2 hours in, which kept me hanging on.

    Essentially, the show just kept emotionally blackmailing us into staying tuned.

    That's what the show's been all about, what set it apart. The mysteries kept you curious and thinking while the characters kept you caring. These two in tandem turned Lost into Primetime TV Crack.

    The finale technically did its job. Cuse and Lindelof gave us the happy One True Pairing endings we wanted to see happen because that's what we as people (and Americans especially) believe in.

    Maybe they showed that Inception commercial one too many times during airing, but I started accepting the idea that It Doesn't Matter What The Island Is because maybe it was all a death-dream in Jack's head and that's why nothing made any sense. It was just the journey that mattered.

    Then I stepped back, look at the convolutions of the last six seasons, the detail put into the character's backstories and know that's not what they intended during S1-3.

    And I just throw up my hands and scream.

    [Edit: For some more closure, try out this link that is theoretically written by a Lost writer.]

    Here's what other people thought:

    @Annaleen um did Ron Moore write this episode of #Lost?

    Jimmy Kimmel thinks (see 1:05) that The Island was Jack's "Real Life"
    and "Test" because most cultures/religions position life as a test for
    all humans to decide whether or not you're good enough to go to

    The New York Times Arts Beat thinks:
    "So what was the island? Those who have been voting for purgatory
    all along can make a case, though it seems highly unlikely that the
    creators had anything so specific in mind. Fans and commentators
    will go through all sorts of twists and turns to make sense of the
    ending. From here, it seems that if everyone is dead, the only thing
    that makes sense -- if that's a requirement -- is that everyone was
    dead at the beginning."

    Charlie Jane at io9 is righteously angry, has no answers and asks all of the right questions that will NEVER be answered. As usual, io9ers have a wide range of theories, some good some bad.

    io9 comment from mekki:
    "But they weren't dead. The afterlife flashes happened immediately
    for some and years for others. But the flashes had NOTHING to do
    with the Island. I think that is what is confusing people. The
    sidewaysflashes were not connected to the Island but to the people
    on the Island. The Island is still moving out there somewhere with a
    new guardian. It's tangible. A plane can still crash on it."

    Unfounded but interesting comment from SinisterBill:
    "I was thinking that when they all sort of disappeared
    in the church that they became the source for the new light.

    Otherwise where did the new light come from?"

    From agrajag42:
    "Why isn't anyone asking why the show is called "LOST"?
    Obviously these people were lost on an island, but also in life.
    The point was the connections.

    You don't 'Live together, die alone' - you live together and die together.
    Death isn't something you take on by yourself. These people found
    each other through common experiences forming a special bond.
    Consider this - some people may never move on. They stay lost in the
    sideways universe forever, never finding the connection that allows them
    to move on."

    There's a cacophony of variations-on-a-theme theories and rants on Cleolinda's LJ, the place I go to for knee-jerk-reaction fan-freakout crowdsourcing. Some theories:

    Cleolinda says:
    "ETA: Oh! Sideways World was Titanic Heaven! Now you're speaking a language I can understand."

    From ook:
    "I think that after the plane crash, Jack was laying in jungle
    dying and he dreams the entire series. Then (in the final episode),
    the dog Vincent comes to comfort Jack as he finally dies.
    Vincent was the only one to actually survive the plane crash."

    A thread about the Ajira plane that flew off:
    "Weren't there explosives on the Ajira plane? So, is that what the wreckage after the title card was?"

    (Although, the semi-consensus was that *all* of the explosives were taken off the plane by Flocke to blow up the sub. Also, elsewhere in the conversation it was agreed that there were no visible bodies [either of Oceanic or Ajira passengers], and was likely just an homage image. [Remember, in the Pilot, much of the wreckage was destroyed when the engine blew.])

    From misachan:
    "You know what's awesome about Ben staying behind? That means
    he can be Desmond for everyone else who wasn't ready to move on,
    waking them up, guiding them to the church, etc.

    Which will make him leader of the Others."

    The most terrifying theory of all, especially considering the last scene, is the fact that The Simpsons might have gotten the true ending:

    I didn't hate it, I didn't always love it, I didn't always get it, I didn't always care, I didn't always know what was going on, I couldn't always keep track of who was who...

    ....but I watched every single episode of Lost and I don't regret it.

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