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Twitter Is Telepathy

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ProfessorX.jpgI had a thought today.

Twitter is Telepathy.

Or at least, a major precursor to it.

As we interact with Instant Messages, [Google] Readers, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and extreme multitasking, we are literally rewiring our brains to accommodate not just a constant stream of information being uploaded into us, but multiple streams of thought as well. Twitter is just the latest facilitator of our rapidly skyrocketing information upload rate...

Glee is a [Social] Science Fiction Show.

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Spoiler warning: If you haven't seen Glee, there will be spoilers up to Episode 9. Also, if you haven't seen Glee, what are you doing reading this? Go watch Glee now and report back here afterward!

Glee2.jpgI'm ashamed to say that this post has been knocking around in my head for about a month, and it's taken me this long to finally write it out. Either way, from the very first episode, I wanted to label Glee a fantasy show, but that never struck me as quite right. It wasn't until I watched the fourth episode, "Preggers," that I realized Glee was not fantasy, but science fiction. Social science fiction, to be exact...

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