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Yes that is a big statement. And yes, I stand by it.

I am not a Trekkie. (Or a Trekker. To-may-toe, to-mah-toe.)

I never watched the original series, though as a self-respecting nerd (wait, what?), I vaguely knew the characters and the archetypes. I've seen a little TNG, but not much and so this movie only piqued a vague interest.

That is, until opening weekend, when it opened with an insane 96% on Rotten Tomatoes--infact, I saw it at 94% for a while before it climbed *up* to 96%, with 228 reviews counted.

Then I became rabid. I had to see this movie. So, Sunday night, instead of going to see ASSSSCAT, we went to see Star Trek.

I just found out Amy Poehler was at ASSSSCAT (oh Twitter. -_-), but I can honestly say I'm totally okay that I missed Poehler and am so glad I didn't have to wait a couple more days to see Star Trek.

This Movie Is That Good.

As Twitter has wreaked havoc on my ability to blog and I had a million thoughts running through my head during the movie, I will now attempt to pin down some of them, in faux-tweet form... (spoilers abound after the jump)

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