X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Final Trailer

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WolverinePoster.jpgWith less than two months to go to before the release of the Wolverine movie (and only days after I posted my first Wolverine Preview Review), Fox released the movie's final trailer which begins by extending the scene involving Wolverine's Adamantium infusion, explaining what's driving his actions, and adding new viewing angles of all the fighting and chaos.

But they didn't stop there...

The real centerpiece of the trailer is the surprise footage we get of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. Even though Tim Pocock (the actor playing Scott) looks unnervingly like Tom Cruise with those sunglasses on, it's a strong moment for the trailer as this movie continues to atone for the many glaring faux pas of the third movie. The producers made sure not to show any footage of Scott until the final trailer, leaving themselves one significant ace up their sleeve with which to surprise and wow fans.

The remainder of the trailer contains new footage of the rest of Team X, and a good look at Weapon XI. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool steals the end of the trailer with some fantastic action moments, though Taylor Kitsch as Gambit continues to give him competition for the title of "most promising new character."

Unfortunately, the editors decided to follows the ill-advised pattern of the last trailer: Wolverine hanging off the helicopter, followed by a snappy remark from the Wolverine vs. Sabretooth fight. It was acceptable the first time around, but downright cheesy the second. Ignore the last fifteen seconds of the trailer, and you'll be fine.

Wolverine opens May 1st, 2009. For something different, check out the movie's myspace page.

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hopefully this won't be like the disgrace that was XIII

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