Terminator Salvation - Second Trailer

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TermSalv1.jpgI love Christian Bale.

I can't stand McG.

When I heard Christian Bale was doing Terminator, my first reaction was a horrified "Nooo!!" After Terminator 3, I couldn't understand why on Earth Christian Bale would sign up to be on this sinking ship! However, series reboots are all the rage, and if anyone knows about saving a stagnant franchise, it's Christian Bale.

The first teaser trailer was less than reassuring, with static-filled glimpses and a bitter warning that perhaps there is no hope. No hope for mankind or no hope for a graceful end to the Terminator franchise?

Luckily for all parties involved, the second trailer was released....

With the Governator nowhere in sight, we get our first real look at the post-apocalyptic world we're supposed to expect in less than ten years. The pounding backing track of Nine Inch Nail's "The Day The World Went Away," strong video cuts and Christian Bale's voice-over drive the intensity sky high. There are tons of amazing shots in the trailer--my personal favorite image is at 2:09 when the bike jumps the truck--and I have to admit, this preview totally sucked me in

Besides the undeniable sheen of millions of dollars and the Terminator name, the trailer is packed with dark metallic blue strongholds of humanity straight from The Matrix, physics-defying motorcycle tricks like in The Dark Knight and giant robot monsters ala Transformers. Emblazon Christian Bale's name across it and the trailer can't scream "Summer Blockbuster" any louder.

It didn't just stop there. For the "thinking nerd", the trailer promises a plot that will fill the niche Battlestar Galactica will vacate in a few more episodes: robots that think they're human.

As the trailer ends, it implores the audience to Forget the Past, and believe that on May 21st, the Terminator franchise is back.

Terminator Salvation opens on May 21st, 2009. Visit the official site for more trailers and content.

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