Star Trek - Trailer 3

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Considering the unbelievable amounts of anticipation surrounding Watchmen, it was only fitting that the third Star Trek preview would premier attached to it.

And it's packed with the good stuff!

As in the trailer before, the Star Trek preview begins with distinctly un-Star Trek-y concepts: motorcycles and bar fights, though the driving drum beat has been replaced with a voice over setting Kirk's history.

StarTrek Movie Poster 2.jpgOnce you get beyond the first few moments, it's immediately apparent how much new footage is in the preview, and THIS is the footage people have been waiting for. Huge space elements! Battles and the requisite physics-defying orange fireball explosions that occur in space! New worlds! Amazing sets! And an imploding planet that looks a bit like the Death Star before it completely collapses! No 1/10000000000th size models hung with fishing line here. No obviously fake foam boulders in this movie, no no no. The movie has taken on the fantastic large-scale and diverse environments that the original Star Trek producers couldn't have even dreamed about.

Nerds are having a pretty good year this year, wouldn't you say?

Star Trek releases on May 8th, 2009. Visit the official website.

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I've never really been a fan of Star Trek... but I'd almost see it just for Sylar. O:) I mean, uh, Zachary Quinto. Hahaha :D

he's a big game hunter now!

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