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Who Watches the Watchmen?


No, really. You can't escape it. There are at least 10 different TV spots being aired every 20 minutes during prime time! The countdown has intensified and millions of nerds are going into paroxysms as the release date of Watchmen crawls ever closer. Instead of doing a preview of their regular trailers, I thought I'd take a look at a special type of trailer that the marketing masters of Watchmen cooked up...

Watchmen05-Rorschach.jpgIf you visit the official website and click on "menu", you'll be presented with an extensive selction of options, the top choice being "6 Minutes to Midnight" website, which houses a "10-minute long interactive trailer." This is the trailer we'll be looking at.

After you input your name and click start, Rorschach's gravely voice tells you that he's trying to find out who killed The Comedian as the video takes up your entire screen. He tells us a seeming non-sequitur about how he failed Rorshach tests as a child and then puts you to the test. Type in the shapes you see in the shifting blog on the paper--hopefully you don't have as much trouble as he did. The majority are pretty obvious, but I'll admit, the last one drove me crazy. Give it a try, but if you're having trouble:

  • "Smile" or "Smiley Face" will unlock The Comedian's clip.
  • "Gun" will open up Ozymandias' profile.
  • "Hat" belongs to Rorschach.
  • "Woman" or "Girl" gives you Silk Spectre's video.
  • "Glasses" will get you Nite Owl's short.
  • "Helicopter" (Ugh, it's still a dragonfly to me), reveals Dr. Manhattan's trailer.

Rorschach has a few responses for certain incorrect entries, try and find them. His heckling, combined with the constantly-moving images and the "ticking clock" in the corner (that only ticks down when you actually get an answer right), introduce a semblance of tension into the trailer that ups the interactivity to the preview. Simple, but effective.

The idea of "passwords to content" has been done before, the most recent example I can remember being from Coraline, but this is a particularly creative version, with a great tie in using the Rorschach tests and giving users hints to guess the words instead of throwing the test at them blindly (as Coraline did).

The videos that you unlock aren't particularly revolutionary looks at the movie as most of the imagery can be found in either of the main trailers. What you're really getting is the unique look at the characters through the unreliable filter of Rorschach's eyes: extra history, and a bit of deconstruction. While die-hard fans of the movie will be disappointed that there's not more to it, people unfamiliar with the characters will find Rorschach's assessments of his compatriats illuminates both the depths and the mysteries of the story. Hopefully it's compelling enough to make them buy a ticket to the movie.

Watchmen opens on 03.06.09.

Visit the Official Site for unbelievable amounts of content.

Alright, since I didn't include an embedded video, here's the 2nd trailer, just to watch:

Also, the NBC Networks have joined together to create The Watchmen Event, with "6 exclusive Watchmen Profiles" debuting all week, starting on March 1st, on the show "National Treasure" on the USA network. Check the website for the schedule.

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good movie, no real bad guy...makes u think!

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