Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince - Third Trailer

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HalfBloodPrincePoster1.jpgI threw a total fit when I found out the Harry Potter movie was being pushed back to summer '09 and the atrocious Twilight movie was taking its place. The first and second trailers placated me somewhat, but the wait until July just keeps getting longer.

To keep the antsy Harry Potter fans (like me) in line, Warner Brothers finally released another trailer just this week...

This trailer essentially picks up where the first trailer left off, and the tone boomerangs back to the darker focus of the first trailer (as opposed to the lighter second trailer) and we see much more of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

HalfBloodPrincePoster2.jpgThe cuts are fast--giving half-second glimpses of bits from the book--and as expected, the production value is high (after all, the books and movies print money). Quite a bit of the footage in the trailer is recycled from the first couple of trailers, but most of it is extended by a second or two. It's a clever trick used by editors, splicing in just enough new footage to make it seem like viewers are getting more than they actually are. It's the perfect technique for a movie like Harry Potter, as rabid fans will pick apart every millisecond, dissecting, discussing, criticizing, commenting, then ultimately clamoring for more.

We see bits of the Horcruxes, Narcissa Malfoy, Professor Slughorn, Professor McGonagall, and one of my personal favorite images of the trailer: Bellatrix appearing in front of a wall of fire. Fire and smoke have a strong presence in the trailer--two favorites devices of trailer editors as fire promises explosive action while the smoke does double duty as an obscuring element and as the stylized representation of the Death Eaters' version of apparation.

The scope, scale and detail of the sets look bigger than ever, and this particular book was one of my favorites. Once again, the movie will be released simultaneously in regular theaters and IMAX 3-D. Like the last Harry Potter movie, if you see it in IMAX, certain sections of the movie (almost assuredly the finale battle) will be presented in 3-D. Bonus trivia: Part of the reason HP6 was pushed back was to get it into more IMAX theaters; initially it was only going to see release in 40 IMAX theaters. Thanks to the move, it will now reach 100 IMAX screens.

Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince opens on July 17th, 2009. Visit the official site for trailers, images, and more.

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I think I need to re-read the book. :X

i love harry potter

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