Drinking Game: The Legend of Chun-Li

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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li should have been "Chun-Li: Death of a Legend." Chun-Li, the progenitor of all female head-to-head video game fighters has had her good name smeared by this horrific mess of a movie.

On Rotten Tomatoes, for the first 72 hours of its release, it had a solid 00% until both the The New York Times and Variety gave it vaguely positive reviews and bumped the percentage up to 5. That just goes to prove that reviewers, even Cream of the Crop reviewers, are regular human beings and subject to terrible taste as well.

So, in the spirit of making terrible movies palatable, I present to you:

The Legend of Chun-Li
Super Turbo Spinning Bird
Drinking Game!

By the end of the game, you should be doing this...

  1. Every time you hear Chun-Li lamely referred to as the "school girl", DRINK.

  2. Every time M. Bison changes accents when he's speaking (Expert Mode: or
    changes languages
    ), DRINK.

  3. Every time the cops comment on their sexual tension instead of the case they're supposedly working, TAKE A SHOT.

  4. Every time Chun-Li's voice over attempts to explains what the hell is going on, DRINK.

  5. Every time a Chinese person speaks English when they should be speaking Chinese, TAKE A SHOT.

  6. BONUS/EXPERT ROUND: Every time you see a reference to the video game--you may be too drunk by this point. Let us help you with a few details: white boots, hair buns, blue outfit, special moves--WATERFALL.

Happy viewing, because completely plastered is the only way you're going to enjoy this movie. Feel free to add your own rules. In fact, share them!

Disclaimer: I do not endorse spending over $3 for a rental on this movie.

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