Blood: The Last Vampire - UK Trailer

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BloodLastVampire3.jpgIt's time to take a break from all of the giant big-name blockbusters and take a look at something few have heard of.

Blood: The Last Vampire is an upcoming Japanese movie with a long history in Asia, first an anime movie, then a manga, novels, video game, and a reimagined 2005 anime series, "Blood+." Now, the story is making the jump to live action movie.

It's a vampire action/horror story, and the main character, Saya, is a centuries-old half-human, half-vampire school girl who hunts vampires. Think Wesley Snipes in Blade, but younger, smaller, Asian, and female. Okay, so maybe she's the exact opposite of Blade, but the vampire-hunting concept is there.

What's really interesting about this movie are the international aspects of it:

  • The story is Japanese.

  • The director is French and directed the Jet Li movie Kiss of the Dragon.

  • Producer Bill Kong was the producer for the majority of the popular Chinese martial arts films that received significant American releases: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and more.

  • Lead actress "Jun Ji-Hyun" (now credited as "Gianna Jun" internationally) was the lead actress in the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl" that was a huge smash hit in Asia. (It was popular enough to receive a dismal direct-to-video American remake)

  • Despite the strong Asian influences, a significant amount of the movie will be in English, and there are quite a few non-Asian characters.


As for the trailer itself, aside from the cheesy voice over, the stylized imagery is quite striking and reminiscent of Hero. The action and wire work are pretty good, but the CG looks depressingly low-budget. This is problematic considering all of the vampire blood looks to be black and CGed, which could ultimately bring down every action scene--and considering this is a vampire-killing movie, there are going to be a lot of action scenes.

Also, most Asian-movie-lovers had one particular question blaring in their minds: "Can Jun Ji-Hyun even speak English!?" This trailer answers that question--sort of. The lines we hear here are surprisingly intelligible, but like all good trailers, the absolute best pieces are called out for the preview, and says nothing of the entirety of the movie. Jun Ji-Hyun's English proficiency remains to be seen. I do have a feeling, however, that much of the movie is going to be her staring balefully at vampires before taking them out.

Blood: The Last Vampire doesn't even have an assured American release date yet.
Nor does it have an official American website.

I'm just interested in it because I'm an Asian nerd.

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Schoolgirl uniform...check
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In love?...CHECK!!!

puAhah! I found your site via Google Images! Top three pages, I think :P

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