Astro Boy - Teaser Trailers 1 and 2

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I'm not often surprised when it comes to anime-to-movie adaptions. I've usually heard rumors and watched the build-up for years before release, but for once, I didn't see this one coming at all.

AstroBoy.JPGAstro Boy, literally the first Japanese anime TV series, first aired in the 60s. For the last decade, there was always the vague notion that an Astro Boy movie should be made, but I hadn't heard of any production actually moving forward. Then, to my shock, as I was hunting down new previews, I was presented with a two full teaser trailers and an October '09 release date! Not only is it being made, but it's well into production!

Now, the first teaser trailer doesn't do anything except show Astro Boy flying around and give audiences a quick glance at yet another star-powered voice acting cast.

AstroBoy-blueprints.JPGThe second teaser trailer (embedded above) gives people a little more to chew on; instead of flying around the clouds and mountains, he flies around his futuristic city, and we get a half-second glance at a few some characters. We don't know much else about the movie, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Astro Boy releases on Octoer 23rd, 2009.
Visit the official website.

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My first hero. Loved him then and will definitely watch this. Right on in rocking the new old school!

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