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I have made Dollhouse my personal crusade. I haven't even seen a single episode of this show, and yet I am going to make every person I know watch this show because I feel guilty. Oh so very guilty.

Why? One word: Firefly.

Geek TV guru Joss Whedon's last ill-fated TV show was canceled after just 11 episodes were aired (of 14 produced), and caused an uprising of protest. On the back of strong DVD sales, Joss was able to get the money to create a bittersweet movie coda in the form of Serenity that proved just how amazing Firefly could have, should have and would have been.

I blame myself for it being canceled. I was one of those people who completely ignored the show, only to be later forced to sit through every DVD and came out of it 14 episodes later, angst- and guilt-ridden for not having gotten into the show earlier and thus, causing its untimely desmise.

And because of that I'm determined to see Dollhouse succeed, unless it really does suck, which isn't likely...

Echo (Eliza Dushku) is one of those known as "Actives" or "Dolls". They have no personality so that they can be imprinted time and again with new personas and skills in order to complete missions ranging from jobs, crimes, or even good deeds. They live in a hidden facility called "The Dollhouse" in between missions, when their minds are wiped.


Of course, the story wouldn't be particularly interesting if it was just episodic instances for the actors to try out a wild range of characters (though there will be that). The story begins as Echo begins to become self-aware. Throw in a federal agent determined to take the program down and an insane rogue agent and you (hopefully) have a Joss Whedon recipe for success.

Joss has also promised a significant number of webisodes, and if the Heroes comics and online content have taught us anything, exterior digital content is fast becoming a major player in show creation.

Premier date: February 13, 2009 (mark your calendars now!)

played by Eliza Dushku (Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Adelle DeWitt
played by Olivia Williams
Paul Ballard
played by Tahmoh Penikett (Helo from Battlestar Galactica)
Topher Brink
played by Fran Kranz
played by Dichen Lachman
played by Enver Gjokaj
Boyd Langton
played by Harry J. Lennix (Walid Al-Rezani from 24 Season 6)

FOX doesn't have an official page for it yet, but it has an Official Wiki. (Oh how times have changed)

And check out the preview here:

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I loved firefly. Awesome show. But this one doesn't really look as good, but I guess I'll give it a try if it goes on hulu.

You've already won me over.

I know how that feels. How did Arrested Development ever get cancelled! However, watching a show out of pity/guilt is so wrong, even if the show could be awesome. Maybe, I am just saying that because judging from the trailer, this one is going to fail.

I always thought Whedon is overrated. I mean sure, he does good stuff, but is he really the holy grail of everything good in the geek world?

I tend to ignore everything that people tell me to go watch by him "because it's Whedon".

Also the man looks like a mutant. Seriously.

eliza dushku is HOT

oh Hon you shouldn't feel bad about not watching from the beginning!! firefly i mean, not dollhouse lol... i looove firefly but i didn't even hear abou it until the dvds came out too... lord knows we're only human, every1 makes mistakes... just gotta do your best... congrats for finding dollhouse tho! but you should watch it... lol

@flander: we all know you're a (very immature) boy, but how about you save your adolescent fantasies for the privacy of your own closet, please. thanks.

I was excited to watch this show when I first heard about it, but I'm wary about getting attached to any show now because they always get taken from me! I'm still looking at you, ABC or should I say, Always Be Cancellin', for Pushing Daisies.

omg! a new joss project i can hardly wait! i wish he had used someone beside Faith though... ugh i hated her!

You shouldn't feel guilty about causing a show's demise. One can't watch everything as it comes out. Shows fail all the time, even good ones. Just hope that the next good show that comes around is a hit.

I disagree. Bad shows should not get 4 or 5 seasons. Good shows do. Just "hoping" for the next one to be good isn't going to magically create good shows. You can't just sit there and give every show a chance and think: Maybe this'll be the one. No, be selective, know your directors, actors, or whatever it is that thrills you--and maybe blog about it, tell your friends, etc. After all, the industry is flawed. It should be based on demand, but it when you have executives from Fox as screwed up as the ones from 2002 that run Firefly episodes out of order AND air the two-hour PILOT episode LAST--no wonder it got cut. No one's going to be able to follow the show when it gets aired like that. If feeling guilty is her way of supporting an awesome director that's pretty much always created amazing stuff every time (in other words, this show is going to be freaking badass)? That's fine by me. The system needs a complete overhaul--the fish rots from the head, so my thinking is, why not cut OFF the head?

>.> Yours is better. People respond.

I've liked most of Whedon's work. But yeah Fox made it nigh impossible to get into Firefly. Though it did give the world this line.

"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

I'll give this a whirl, but Fox is a major tease with shows.

Yeah, I was kind of bummed about Eliza Dushku being the lead, but maybe she'll prove herself during the show?

@ Huy and Mike...see?!? that's EXACTLY what I thought about Firefly! I thought Firefly looked like absolute derivative crap (derivative from a particular anime series, but that's a whole other post), and look what happened! Give a show a chance! (and for the record, it should be on Hulu b/c hulu is affiliated with Fox/NBC.)

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