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Drinking Game: Twilight

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Twilightlogo.jpgThis series catapulted itself so quickly into mainstream consciousness that I don't even count this as nerd culture anymore. It's just garbage. But because every single news and media outlet is hyping this tripe all week, I feel compelled to say something about it (And apparently if you want any web traffic at all or if you just want to print money, the surefire way is to do something relating to Twilight.)

Yes, I read the books because I'm in publishing and I had to see what 8.5 million books sold in less than four years looks like (ah, the lowest common denominator), but frankly, I can't stand the books and the movie looks horrifically laughable.

Horrifically laughable...I may be onto something...

Preview: The Star Trek Movie

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Okay, let me put this out there up front. The truth is, I'm not all that into Star Trek, but I feel obligated to post this because what spells Nerdtastic more than The Star Trek Movie?

The first trailer was consisted of the huge CG construct of the Enterprise, background voiceovers of famous space landings and launches, and the iconic "Space, the Final Frontier" quote. Not bad for a teaser trailer, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do: Rile the nerds up! It gave them enough to see potential, but not enough for them to truly be able to start crying foul.

Now the second trailer gave us a little more with a crazy desert police chase followed by a car doing a drift it wasn't made for and preteen Kirk leaping out of the car in an insane death-defying stunt. Right. I don't think they could have made this trailer scream "Not Your Daddy's Star Trek" any louder before they launched into the typical trailer explodo-fest that's so fitting for it's new summer release date (May 8 2009).

Okay, right. Time will tell if rabid Star Trek fans flock to this movie like Paramont is hoping for... and if the movie has been updated enough to pull in the general nerd audience.

Which brings me to...

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