Fall TV Lineup: Sunday and Monday

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I watch a lot of TV. I mean, a lot, but because of everyone's favorite writers strike last spring, I was deprived of anywhere from 10-15 new episodes of many shows. Now that TV is coming back, I'm gearing up and mapping out my TV-watching week.

Even more significantly, thanks to the huge uptick in the public consciousness of all things nerdy or geeky, there are a ton of new and old TV shows that are bringing nerd pop culture to the forefront and taking over prime time. Some good, some bad.

This week we'll be looking at the fall lineup of nerd-inspired shows for each day.

First up, Sunday and Monday...


True Blood
9pm on HBO
Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in a small Louisiana town in a world where vampires have "come out" and now walk openly among the living thanks to a Japanese company's new product, "True Blood", a synthetic blood drink that vampires can live off of instead of feeding off humans. Sookie herself isn't so normal as she can actually hear the thoughts of everyone around her. Her interest is piqued when she meets her first real vampire, Bill Compton, who walks into the restaurant and Sookie is shocked to realize she can't read his thoughts.

Based on the "Sookie Stackhouse" vampire mystery series by Charlaine Harris. The show is created by Alan Ball (also created Six Feet Under) and will air on HBO, so I'm expecting dark, bloody, sex, violent--basically it's going to be very HBO.

By the way, Charlaine, thanks to True Blood, got all seven of her books on the NYTimes Bestseller mass market list. Nice deal for her, huh?




9pm on NBC

Let's be honest, Heroes seasons are shaping up to be just about all the same. Some part of the world is going to be destroyed in some way, and viewers are thrown for so many "future" loops that you're not sure what the hell is going on, which keeps you watching. Then as characters make choices, pieces of the future are eliminated, until you're pretty much left in the same place you left off at the beginning of the season, with the world not blown to kingdom come and a few dead bodies in our wake.

And yet this show is ridiculously addicting. I chalk it down to the J.J. Abrams formula: build strong characters, then throw so many mysteries and plot curveballs at to the viewers to keep them guessing about the future that they won't realize you forgot about half of the things brought up in the past. It works every time.

If I have just one request of the Heroes franchise, though, it would be for the writers to stop telling viewers exactly how the season ends halfway through the show via not-so-subtle dream or future sequences as they have the last two seasons. Honestly!

Here's to hoping!


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

9pm on Fox

Considered somewhat of an "alternate universe" timeline (especially considering quite a few of the events here will undoubtedly clash with the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie), John Connor and his mother are still on the run from killer robots while trying to save the world. This time around, their reprogrammed savior terminator is "Cameron Phillips", as played by Summer Glau (from the ill-fated Firefly series).

This was one of those series that seemed like it could have easily gotten the axe thanks to the writers strike. However, it pulled in excellent ratings and is getting a full season this fall. Unfortunately, I started watching it back in the spring, but lost interest partway through. Perhaps I'll start it up again, but that remains to be seen.

8pm on NBC

Chuck_Main.jpgAiring before Heroes in hopes of picking up some of those viewers, Chuck is about your average nerd who gets super secret intel downloaded into his brain. Now a walking external harddrive filled with sensitive information, he must use the information in his head to stop the bad guys. Of course, as your typical nerd, he's not quite able to stand against highly trained operatives, and so he's assigned Special Agent Sarah Walker (who, of course, is ridiculously beautiful) and must now fight to save the world.

I watched two episodes of it last year and couldn't watch anymore. Just couldn't. It's a comedy, but the show was so ridiculous I couldn't bring myself to watch another episode. But it's out there, I guess, for those who are into it.

More to come tomorrow!

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Heroes rules all. :) NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!

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